Since its foundation in 1998 RCV has continued to develop and refine its unique 4-stroke engine technology. The real-world advantages of the RCV design give it a unique combination of high performance, fuel economy, multi fuel tolerance, economic manufacture, reliability and durability. Many 1,000’s of hours of development and testing has refined the technology to the level where it meets the demands of today’s small engine users across a range of applications, from high specification aerospace to professional forest and garden products.
RCV is partnering with international companies to bring this exciting technology into today’s market place.


UAV Engines

RCV technology enables multi-fuel capability (JP8/JP5 and gasoline) flight tested in rotary and fixed wing vehicles with engine capability from 2-10hp.

Forest & Garden Engines

Horizontal valve system offers high performance, low emissions and low production costs for hand held professional and domestic market products.

Model Engines

The well proven SP & CD engine range utilising RCV technology. 1,000’s of engines are in use around the world giving realistic sound and proven performance.

Engine Development

The RCV valve offers advantages in alternative fuel, excellent power / weight performance with 4-stroke technology, to meet challenges in many different applications.