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'DF 70' in Brock Spear

Helicopter Installation

RCV Multi-fuel Engines

  • Our unique patented technology offers distinct advantages over existing 2 & 4 stroke engines due to the highly efficient combustion and valve system. This enables gasoline, heavy fuel (Jet-A1, JP5, JP8) operation to equal standards and reliability, and with diesel operation under controlled conditions.
  • We are able to deliver high quality aerospace qualified engines for both large and small programs.
  • RCV Engines has complete design control so any configuration can be considered:
    o Fuel/oil mix or straight gasoline
    o Capacity range from 20cc (single) to 140cc (twin)
    o Lightweight materials
    o With generator
    o Dual ignition

DF 70 UAV Engine




  • Capacity 70cc
  • Power 4Kw
  • High power to weight
  • Boxer configuration for minimum vibration
  • Optional rotation for pusher or tractor
  • Heavy Fuel or Gasoline



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  • The DF70 is a high performance military spec 4 stroke engine offering equivalent 2 stroke performance with the added advantage of excellent fuel economy, quiet running and starting reliability.
  • Developed specifically for the aerospace market this engine is suitable for both fixed and rotary wing vehicles.

DF 35 UAV Engine




    • Capacity35cc
    • Power 1.8Kw
    • High power to weight
    • Small footprint (capable of interchange with existing 2 strokes)
    • Multi fuel operation



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  • Single cylinder version of the proven DF70.
  • Offering a direct replacement to existing 2 stroke engines where cost, multi fuel capability, reliability and aerospace quality are paramount.

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