RCV120SP - Antoinette VII


RCV have recently had the privilege of coming into contact with Philippines based kit manufacturer K & W Model Aircraft.   Owned by Goran Kalderen, a former world champion team scale modeller from Sweden, this hidden treasure produces true-scale, professionally manufactured model aircraft 'kits' using their own grown timber.  The resulting planes are stunning. 

Antoinette_4.JPG (18367 bytes)


Model Specifications

Plane: Antoinette VII
Plane Weight: 11 lbs 14 oz
Wingspan: 92.1 "

Prop: 16 x 10 Master Airscrew

Powered by: RCV120-SP (or RCV90-SP)

The first flyable prototype of the Antoinette was designed by the engineer and artist Leon Levavasseur and constructed and built by Mr Gastanbide and Mengin in 1906. There were eight different designs of which IV - VIII were good flyers. Already in 1908 Hubert Latham made an attempt to cross the English Channel using an Antionette type IV. Antoinette_6.JPG (18128 bytes)

Antoinette_7.JPG (11415 bytes)

Later in 1909 Mr Latham made a second unsuccessful attempt to cross the English Channel this time in an Antionette VII. He later flew the VII at Reims, France, winning the altitude prize, and in the U.S. across the Golden Gate, at San Francisco, California, USA.  This aircraft is on display in the Science Museum in London.