RCV120-SP - GSP Hellcat


Built by Mr Martin Chorley, TX, USA


Plane: GSP Hellcat
Wingspan: 70 "
10 lbs
Prop: 17x12 3-blade
Fuel: Wildcat Premium 10%

Powered by: RCV120-SP

Martin installed an on-board glow system to ensure idle reliability when in the air.  This has certainly worked out as he won the 2003 North Dallas Annual Scale Fly-In.

This action shot highlights the benefits of having a scale-size propeller.
 This uses a zinger 17x12 3-blade (multi blade system) prop

He commented 'everyone loved the sound and look of the engine' he added 'I get nothing but compliments on the sound and performance of my RCV and the Hellcat as a whole.  VERY VERY scale, especially for an ARTF'