RCV120-SP - Hurricane


Owned and built by Mr Phil Holder - UK

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Plane: Hurricane
Dry Weight: 11 lbs

Take off Weight: 11lbs 14 oz
Wingspan: 70 "

Powered by: RCV120-SP

The top cowl is removed for engine starting and is then secured by a quick release fastener.  Mr Holder stated 'Flight performance of the model and engine is very good, with half throttle required to give a scale flight.  The large propeller coupled with the generous flaps give a controlled landing.  The reliable idle performance of the engine is such that the aircraft can be taxied back to the runway exit for shutdown' corsair1.jpg (24440 bytes)

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The model is constructed from the Brian Taylor plan, but modified to a MK11c PZ865 as currently operated by the BBMF and finished in its SEAC colour scheme which represents 5 sqn which was operational during WW2 in South East Asia.

Controls include: throttle; ailerons; elevator; rudder; flaps; retractable undercarriage; tail wheel steering. 

Additional Systems: Landing light; Internal battery and relay for engine start only