Nieuport 17


Built by Mr David Cone, California, USA


Kit: Balsa USA 1/4 Scale
Plane: Nieuport 17
Weight: 14lbs
Prop: 24x6

Powered by: RCV120-SP

These photos show the varying stages of construction

The engine was run-in on a bench before mounting it on the model.  Bench running is essential for the RCV SP series engines.  David comments that 'after about an hour of running, I just started hand flipping* the engine to start it, and this was always a very easy procedure'  The total run time before installing the engine in the aircraft was close to 3 hours.

David also states that 'Running this engine on the model is a pleasure.  With a bit of wet prime, the engine hand starts in one or two flips*, even after sitting for several weeks.'

Swinging a 24x6 propeller, it idles reliably at 900-1000rpm, and sitting on the ground tops out at 4400 rpm.

'There is plenty of thrust to get this 14lb model into the air at 1/2 throttle, and the engine rarely sees over 3/4 throttle.  I have never had a deadstick with this engine and I am very happy with it's performance.'  David concludes that 'it is a great engine for slow speed scale models, and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to swing a near scale prop.

* RCV Engines do not recommend hand flipping any of their engines due to safety.  All SP series also feature a unique behind the prop starting facility.