RCV120SP -  PT-19   


Built & Owned by Mr Scott Annis from USA

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Kit Manufacture: Innovative Model Products
Plane: PT-19

Weight: 18 lbs
Wingspan: 88"
Prop: 18x14 APC

Powered by: RCV120-SP

Mr Annis quotes 'It is incredibly realistic with this configuration, everyone comments on how much it looks like the real PT in the air'

He has installed an on board glow power so the number of penetrations in the cowl is minimised.  In addition a split exhaust allows a more scale appearance.

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'And it's not Blue & Yellow'

Photo taken at the Warbirds over Delaware

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'Looks like a real PT in the air'

Built & Owned by Mr Phil Smith from USA

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Plane: Dynaflite PT-19
Plane Weight: 11.5 lbs
Wingspan: 87 "

Prop: 20 x 12 Zinger
Fuel: Cooper Special RCV Blend

Powered by: RCV120-SP

Mr Smith comments
'The plane flies great.  Scale at 3/4 throttle'

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