RCV120-SP - Tiger Moth


Built by Mr Richard Wellbourne, England


Kit: Flair 1/4 Scale
Plane: Tiger Moth
Weight: 20lbs
Wingspan: 89"

18x12 Wooden

Powered by: RCV120-SP

This Flair kit of a Tiger Moth was originally designed for a 20-30 cc 4-stroke engine.  Richard however decided to take advantage of the SP series increased torque and is very happy with it's performance.  He says 'it flies in a scale like manner, not aerobatic'. 

He uses ModelTechnics Duraglo 10 fuel and has installed an intelligent glow system (Telco).

Richard Wellbourne and his 1/4 Scale Tiger Moth

To aid cooling he has cut away some of the front to create an air intake, however the sleek lines of the Tiger Moth are not broken due to the streamline shape of the 120SP engine.  Richard describes the 120SP engine as 'phenomenal'