Fokker DVII


Owned and built by Mr James Secrease


Plane: Global Fokker DVII
Plane Weight: 7 lbs

Prop: 16 x 12 APC
Fuel: Mogan Fuels Omega

Powered by: RCV60-SP

The owner of this plane Jim 'onetank' secrease flies with the Alpha Squadron 101, the AMA Show Team in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  They fly at different events in the tri state area and this year this Fokker DVII with the RCV90-SP should also be wowing the crowds.

According to Jim the initial flight test went very well, he states ' everyone at the field thought the RCV engine was really neat sounding'

This Fokker has had a nuimber of modifications including:
elevator and rudder servos mounted in the rear of the fuselage, on-board glow igniter with the LED mounted in the end of the gun barrel, dual Robart fuelling valves, ont to fuel and the other to vent.