RCV60-SP / Legionnaire


Owned and built by Mr M G Knight
legionnaire_1.jpg (28298 bytes)


Plane: Flaire Legionnaire

Prop: 14 x 14 APC

Powered by: RCV60-SP

These photos were taken at the Jersey Model Aero Clubs 'Battle of Britain Model Flying Display'.  The aircraft won JMAC scale trophy with this model.

Mr Knight commented 'I am very pleased in the way the engine flew the model, it really pulled it through the sky'.  He then went on to say 'I would recommend this engine to any fellow modeller.'

legionnaire_2.jpg (25356 bytes)
legionnaire_4.jpg (15766 bytes) The list of features which Mr Knight really liked were:
  1. Easy Starting
  2. Streamlined Shape
  3. Reliable Running
  4. 2:1 Output Gearing
  5. Behind the Prop Starting
  6. Non-Critical Needle Valve Setting
  7. Loads of Power
  8. Unusual Sound (realistic with old aircraft)