Sopwith Puppeteer


Owned and built by Mr Tom Callant - Belgium

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Plane: Sopwith Puppeteer

Powered by: RCV60-SP

Photo on right:
Tom Callant with his Sopwith Puppeteer

Tom currently flies at half throttle in order to make the 78 DBA noise limit for his club.   He comments that 'this is perfect to fly the model......I can take off at a little bit more than idle, it is unbelievable and very realistic for my Sopwith Pup'

We recently heard from Tom again and he said ' she is still flying every weekend without any problems!!! - I must now have around 450 flights with my RCV60SP engine!  It is unbelievable how the longer she runs, the better she gets'

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For more information on fitting the RCV60SP to this Puppeteer, Tom has kindly provided the following information.

To download this pdf file, please click here