Heritage Stuka


Owned and built by Mr Randy Shaffer


Plane: Heritage JU87 Stuka
Plane Weight: 9 lbs
Wingspan: 60 "

Prop: 13.5 x 13.5 3-bladed APC

Powered by: RCV60-SP

This is the second model which Randy has used an RCV60-SP for power. The other, which we also have photos of is the Kyosho Corsair

This model kit is made by Heritage Inc Models of Wyoming. It is covered with Monokote and paited with matching colours.  The flaps are functional and when deployed 10 degrees actuates the bomb release.

The model also has dive whistles that sound at 40 to 50 mph.

Randy has made an internal scoop on the cowl for cooling.  A photo of this can be seen on the left.

RCV always recommend making a air scoop when installing RCV engines in close cowled situations.

These two photos show some of the features of the JU87 Stuka, including the bomb release (left) and the gunner (right).  Click on them for larger images.