RCV90SP  - 'Compasso'


Owned by Mr Emidio Tosi from Italy


Plane: Acro Compasso
Wingspan: 1.8 m
Weight: 3.15 kg

Fuel: 75% Methanol, 10% Nitro, 15% Oil (inc. 3% castor)

Powered by: RCV90-SP

This model plane is named Compasso (meaning compasses in English).  This was expressly designed for the RCV90-SP by the owner Emidio Tosi (shown on left) & designer Luigi Sellitto (on right).  Both of whom are from Italy. 

The photo to the left shows Emidio's test stand.  It is always important to run in any RCV for around 1 hour before mounting in your plane and flying.  This gives the gears time to bed in and will improve your experience with the RCV immensely.

It is currently running with an 18x12 prop 'which has wonderful braking capabilities nose down' but is slightly lacking in rpm (around 4,800).  Emidio is going to test some different propellers to gain more rpm.