RCV90SP /  Spitfire


Built by Tony Levers, England


Kit Manufacturer: Jamara ARTF
Plane: Spitfire (approx 1/7 scale)
Wingspan: 65"
: 8.5 lbs
: 15.75x13 3-bladed
Fuel: 10%

Powered by: RCV90SP

Tony says 'the RCV90-SP is more than capable of lifting this into the air in less than 6m, which helps no end on our bumpy field'  After tweeking the idle needle the test flights were very successful and he comments 'I can now land the spit at a sensible speed'. 

Tony is also the owner of an RCV58-CD, and Tony highlights that both of these engines 'seem to get better with age'.  This is actually an RCV engine trait as the rotating cylinder valve design incorporates close fitting components therefore benefits from running.