RCV90SP - ME108 Taifun


Owned and built by Bernard Laplanche, France


Kit Graupner ARF
Plane: ME108 Taifun
Plane Weight: 4250 gr
Wingspan: 1650 mm

Powered by: RCV90-SP

The plane is an ARF model from Graupner which Monsieur Laplanche is using whilst another model is under construction

Monsieur Laplanche comments:
'Graupner expect the weight of the plane to be 4800 gr, with the RCV90SP I managed 4250 gr.  The RCV engine needed some works on the plane to be mounted radially but when in place, it was neatly enclosed in the cowling, it was a great thing.  Running in on the bench was straight forward, and operating it in the airplane is the same.   A lot of torque to use large propeller and very smooth when opening the throttle.   Really the kind of engine I enjoy, because you forget it when so concentrated to control the plane

Running the engine in on a Test Stand

The Mounting Area

Installed in the plane