P-47 Thunderbolt


Built & Owned by Mr John R Walker III from USA


Kit Manufacture: Top Flite Gold Edition
Plane: P-47 Thunderbolt

Weight: 11 lb 8 oz
Prop: 18x8 2-bladed prop

Powered by: RCV90-SP

During the installation Mr Walker quotes 'I couldn't be more pleased with the ease the engine installed into the cowl and dummy radial engine'

He has installed an on board glow power so the number of penetrations in the cowl is minimised.  In addition a split exhaust allows a more scale appearance.

The engine has now been flown and Mr Walker commented

'An expert flier friend took it up for its trial runs and it was more than I hoped for.  The engine performed flawlessly!!  The on board glow was just added insurance.  Fantastic engine, flew first on a 18x8* Master Airscrew Prop, then tried more RPM;s with a 16x8*.  The plane came in a little overweight, however it lifted off and flew realistically at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle.  Great Sound!

*RCV do not recommend these prop sizes, therefore Mr Walker will be trying an APC 15.5x12 4-bladed propeller in the future.