RCV90-SP - Piper Cub
2003 Display Planes - 2 x Modeltech Piper Cub ARTF


Plane: Modeltech PiperCub ARTF
Plane Weight: 8 lbs
Wingspan: 82"

Prop: 16 x 14 APC
Radio Equip: 5 std. servo's, 700 mah battery,
ppm receiver
Fuel Tank: 12 oz

Powered by: RCV90-SP for aerobatic performance
(would fly well on a 60-SP)

This model had been chosen to demonstrate the recently introduced RCV 90-SP power unit.
This lively engine will provide the Cub with a fully aerobatic potential allied to scale
propeller sizes and pleasant scale flying characteristics on part throttle where the unique sound of the RCV will also come into its own.

The engine is fully cowled with only the needle valve and starting spigot visible. (See Left)
With its light weight and roomy cabin, provision has been made for one of the new on board glow driver units which with its microprocessor controlled intelligent sensing, provide the engine with an extremely dependable and low idle, all from a single sub C cell. During tests the 90 has proved very good in the aformentioned areas but the driver will give utter dependability - essential for show machinery.
The Modeltech ARTF Cub represents the very best of this design at this size and has exemplary flying characteristics yet will execute all known aerobatic routines in the right hands, such as knife edge loops and very flat spins.

The model also presents well and is immediately
recognisable to the everyday modeller.