RCV91CD - Mustang

Owned by Roger Auker, Dubai


Kit: World Models
Plane: Mustang

Prop: 14x6 APC
Fuel: Byron 10% Premium Sport

Powered by: RCV91CD

Roger altered the running in process slightly - being that there was an ambient temperature of
38 C and 80% humidity!! In light of this he ran the engine in shorter burst but still for the recommended period.

He comments 'I could not believe how quickly it started and has continued to be a first start every time since then'

At time of writing he had a couple of flights on the plane with the cowl on and after adding a couple of extra holes on the underside, the engine is running superbly.  He also states 'the engine has certainly sparked a lot of interest in Dubai and people were very impressed with the power and sound it produced.