RCV91CD - Cutis JN4D 'Jenny'

Owned by Jay Maguire, USA


Kit Manufacture: Proctor
Plane: Curtis JN4D 'Jenny'
Wingspan: 89 "
Weight: 13 lb
: 14 x 7 APC

Powered by: RCV91CD

Jay was delighted when he discovered that the RCV91CD had as low a profile as a .52 4-stroke.  He stated

'Your RCV91CD solved a problem no other 4-stroke could solve.  I built the Jenny thirteen years ago in Florida and had 100+ flights (at sea level) with a 70 4-stroke engine.  After moving to Colorado (elevation 7000) the Jenny wouldn't get off the ground. I knew I would need at least a 90 4 stroke and after researching, I discovered the RCV91CD was the only engine that would fit in the Jenny without cutting a hole in the scale cowling and having a head showing.  After a one hour break-in, I flew the Jenny last week.  It flew with more than enough power.'