RCV91CD - Lancair-ES


Owned and built by Mr G Millington - UK


Kit Manufacturer: Great Planes
Plane: Lancair-ES
Wingspan: 80 inches
Weight: 8.5 - 9 lbs

Powered by: RCV91-CD

 Mr Millington noted the following when building and installing his RCV91CD in his Lance-air.

'the instructions that come with the kit got to great lengths to explain how to conceal a S61FX two stroke, without having to cut into the cowl line.  You have to buy a special exhaust and manifold (which has to be ordered from the US).  You then have to cut teh manifold down and make a join with a section of silicone tubing.  Incidentally this option is actually more expensive than the RCV91CD.'

'Alternatively, the instructions show how to fit an OS91 4-stroke.  With this option there is a lot of fibreglass to cut away and the end result is a ruined cowl with rocker covers and exhaust sticking out.  Yukk!!'

'Or, stick an RCV91CD straight in, it is best done with a 92 degree knuckle manifold rather than the stock item supplied and hey presto.  Where has the engine gone? '

'No cooling issues if the baffle is fitted, and bags of power, this combination does the whole scale flight routine at around half throttle.  Open her up and this slippery ship is converted into something a little hairier.  And it sounds just like the real thing.'