EFI Engine Control System

Lightweight/Waterproof/Compact ECU casing

Altitude compensation relative to pressure/temperature

Integrated fuel system

Twin injector drivers with up to three injectors per driver

Twin ignition permitting dual spark operation

Servo drivers for cooling control (fan / cowl flap / coolant pump)

Field proven control software and user interface

RS232 and CAN bus communications

Inbuilt data logger


Weight 30g (0.66 lb.)
Supply voltage 12V DC
Typical power draw 20 W including ignition
Engine power range 1 to 15 kW (up to 40 kW with uprated fuel pump)
Fuel injector drivers 2 drivers (up to 3 injectors/driver)
Ignition drivers 2
Ignition type High Energy Inductive
Servo drivers 2
Communications Serial RS232 and CAN bus
Engine temperature inputs 2
Air temperature input 1
Load mapping Manifold pressure or throttle potentiometer
Environmental/altitude Atmospheric pressure and temperature monitoring

Examples of User Interface Screens

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