DF35 Single Cyl Engine

Four-stroke cycle for low emissions and fuel consumption

Excellent starting over a wide temperature range -20°C to +40°C

Ideal compact combustion system with no hot-spots

Turn-key heavy fuel operation

Insensitive to changes in AFR or ignition timing

Insensitive to changes in fuel composition or altitude

Resistant to detonation and carbon build up

Large valve breathing area gives high power with a wide power band

High reliability, low maintenance with long MTBO

No injectors in the combustion chamber to carbon up

No valve clearances to adjust

Shielded spark plug for minimum plug fouling and long life

Designed as a UAV engine not modified from a hobby engine

Electronic fuel injection system with altitude compensation

Dedicated mounting system for 100 W to 3 kW alternators


Engine Type 4-stroke single cylinder rotating valve fuel injected
Fuel Type Kerosene based fuels (incl. JP5, JP8, Jet A1), gasoline
Max. Power 2.2kW (3.0 HP) @ 8500 rpm
Max. Continuous revs 10000 rpm
Displacement 35cc
Cooling Air cooled or liquid cooled
Lubrication Oil in fuel (25:1)
Total Weight* 2100 grams ± 200 grams
Heavy Fuel Starting Cold start assisted with installed cartridge heaters
Fuel Consumption (optimised) 330 grams/kW hr. (0.54 lbs/hp hr.)
Rotation Optional clockwise/anticlockwise
Generator Optional, pancake type power and/or starting
TBO (estimate) 250 hrs. (VTOL); 500 hrs. (Fixed Wing)
Additional Features ECU with altitude compensation

*Weight includes base engine, ECU, fuel system, wiring and standard exhaust. Generator, prop and cowlings not included.

Engine Dimensions

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